B&B Villa Di Leo Borgo Viscalori

About Us

Finally, after more than a year of hard work, we have reached the end, or better, at the beginning of this new adventure. We can start. It was a difficult year in which we had to overcome many setbacks. Every day new unforeseen events ... and when everything seemed to be resolved, some new problems appeared on the horizon. All exacerbated by our meticulousness and diligence (desire for perfection-finesse-precision). We can still improve, we have repeated many times this year. Yes, you can. And then force again, again. This villa deserves much. Many times in my life I was asked what gives me the strength to face the difficulties with so much determination and determination, and I always answer: "My strength?" " My children". I have always defended and helped them. Today even more. But now the parts are reversed and they too have a sense of protection for me. "My children" are men now. So, when last year we found ourselves in front of this beautiful reality - La Villa - we decided by mutual agreement that we had to value everything. Grandparents' house, the house where they grew up. How many memories, how many beautiful moments and this welcome gift of grandparents ... So let's go, let's start. Many have helped us, materially, with encouragement, with a smile. Someone even more than the others.
THANK YOU !!!! We are here thanks to all of you. Now everything is ready. Yes, we are ready to welcome guests to give them a bit of serenity, a little rest and lots of smiles. We look forward to seeing you in the grandparents' house. To let you know not the house but the human warmth that it pours out. To tell you just want it and everything comes true. "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" (Eleanor Roosevelt). I believe it.
... so what to say ... in a historical moment in which every certainty is less than our best wish: "Ex asperis ad Astra".

The idea of ​​"Villa Di Leo - Borgo Viscalori" was born when the building in question became our property by inheritance. The B&B type accommodation facility benefits from part of the building. Specifically, two double bedrooms have been renovated called the "mustard" room and the "bordeaux" room, whose names indicate their color and furnishing tones, and the relative bathrooms (one per room). The structure also includes a living room, where breakfast will be served and an entrance hall that connects the two rooms to the same. The entrance to the structure is possible through a large recently renovated hallway with refined marble finishings located on the ground floor, from which it is possible to reach either by stairs or by lift. the first floor is the rest of the structure concerned. The structure has an internal parking space, and a parking space, reserved for disabled people near the front entrance. From an architectural point of view one speaks of an ancient villa of the nineteenth century of historical interest, situated in a strategic position both in relation to the village Viscalori with the entrance that overlooks the main square - and in relation to the various points of interest present in our island such as Taormina, Catania, Syracuse and others. The entrance of the Catania-Messina motorway, in fact, is just five kilometers away and is easily accessible, while all the major tourist sites on the slopes of Etna are within a few kilometers. The structure has been furnished and cured in order to represent a typical Sicilian environment, in fact it is also possible to admire an internal garden finished with Sicilian terracotta and vegetation typical of our area. Leaning out of the balcony from outside it is possible to admire a panorama that extends from Taormina up to, Catania and beyond, given the raised position of the building with respect to Viagrande. We would like to offer guests a familiar and serene environment that involves them helping them to enjoy this stay in Sicily, staying in a building that reflects the Sicilian tradition in terms of form and content. In fact, in the breakfast we propose to offer the possibility to taste also typical Sicilian specialties. For the guest who is on a business trip, it will be possible to enjoy privacy, serenity, a prestigious and elegant environment with the possibility of using an office-point and other rooms where to receive guests or make business meetings .. The idea to realize this type of structure, it has been suggested by the positive trend that sees the rediscovery of Sicily as a tourist destination throughout Europe.